Nous MΙ – (MRL)

Lift control panel with inverter, Machine room less


Panel with Inverter for tractionlift without engine room (MRL)

The panel NOUSMI – (MRL) is made of high quality materials, in order to offer uninterrupted operation. It is based on the new generation NOUS control unit and meets the requirements of the most demanding installations for elevators without engine room. Both the design and the production of the panel follow high quality standards while at the same time the friendly control environment based on a 5 ”TFT touch screen offers speed and ease of operation.
The NOUS control module also supports multiple languages, while providing the ability to remotely view and navigate the entire elevator (elevator status, port status, etc.) as well as instant access to maintenance (event log, maintenance function, etc.) via cloud .
In case extra inputs / outputs are required, an external expansion unit is supported which provides additional inputs / outputs to meet all installation needs. In addition, the user can configure most elevator devices directly from the NOUS menu (e.g. .x floor displays, Inverter etc.) as long as they are connected to the CANopen protocol and can also very easily upgrade the NOUS software itself, if required, using a shared USB memorystick or a shared microSD memory card.
The NOUSMI – (MRL) panel of Semitron is a modern product, technologically advanced, which provides the ability to service projects up to 127 stops and 8 cooperating elevators. It can meet the needs of both new and older installations, as it meets the standards EN 81.20 / 50, EN81-1 / 2, EN81-70 / 71/72

• Operating voltage 380VAC (three phase)
• Auxiliary voltage 24VDC
• Power from 4kW to 110kW
• Ability to service up to 127 stops
• Possibility of cooperation of 8 lifts (Octoplex)
• Panel dimensions: 200X30X30cm
• Average table weight: 50Kg

• Absoluteencoder (Shaftcopyingsystem)
• Central board with 5 “touch screen (touchscreen) and menu in many languages for easy and fast operation
• 2 CANopenCiA417 serial communication channels to which any CANopen device can be connected, for example inverter, cabin door, cabin / floor switch, etc.
• Remote control of the table via cloud service
• Possibility of balancing and rebalancing with open doors and before opening doors
• Possibility of automatic and manual release
• Upgrade, program and save settings via USBflashstick or microSD card
• Ability to work with modern (gearless) engines of all manufacturers (closeloop)
• Ability to work with all automatic doors and doors type Bus 220VAC
• Check the integrity of the brakesCUCMP-ACOP
• Emergency and test panels
• Bypass switch
• Check that the door contacts are working properly
• Programmable entrances / exits to cover even the most demanding constructions