Who We Are

We are Semitron

We are a dynamic & fast paced company, successfully operating within the lift industry, a major part of our overall activity in the wider technology sector. We provide innovative electronic solutions that enhance people’s mobility experiences in general and elevation experiences in particular. From lift controllers, car and landing operation panels, to complete wiring and peripherals, we are on a mission to facilitate unhindered human flow within urban buildings and beyond.

R&D Facilities Equipment Production

At Semitron Lift we stand with doers, rather than dreamers. We don’t just envision innovative elevation solutions, we actually make them happen. We are committed to delivering optimum results through the products we design, develop and manufacture from scratch.

How we do it? Combining hard work with serious know-how, making excellent use of our top notch equipment, maintaining a steady orientation to safety, applying thorough controls throughout the production process in our state of the art facilities. Our dream team of experts work together, in an unhindered, technology driven environment, creating tools that can facilitate urban flow in new, safer ways.



It’s not a claim, it’s a fact. Our products are of exceptional quality, ensuring excellent performance and total safety. Take our word for it. Or just check out our certifications.


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Our People

In teamwork we trust; especially when that team boasts a bunch of top professionals and specialized employees, all driven by a true passion for innovation and safety, top performance and excellence. At Semitron Lift we bring our talents and ideas to the table and work together with common values across all business units. We know that it takes passionate people to achieve great results. We are grateful to have some of the market’s greatest minds on board with us.


Our Mission

To design and manufacture products that drive the lift industry forward. Safety, quality and sustainability lie at the core of our operation, allowing us to cater for our customers’ current and future needs, through a complete range of excellent products. We want the industry to thrive on the solutions we offer and make elevators a safer, more convenient and more exciting place.


Our Vision

To be the proud creators of fast, agile and sustainable technologies, inspired by and addressed to real human needs, that people will feel safe to use in their everyday city life, moving towards a better, greener world.


Our Values

Without our values we would not have made it so far nor would we able to move forward. True passion for technology and innovation, genuine care for mankind and its unnegotiable safety, loyalty and constant development, make us what we are; a trusted partner to rely on.