BHG-12 & BHG-24 Emergency Light

Battery charger with voltage supply for emergency luminaire BHG-12 / BHG-24


The Semitron BHG battery charger is a technologically advanced product that perfectly meets the requirements of a modern elevator installation. The product is an ideal choice for situations that require a constant power supply for emergency lights, such as emergency light in the elevator cabin. The device can charge a lead battery and in the case of the mains voltage cut off, it automatically supplies auxiliary voltage from the battery. When the mains supply is restored, the BHG-12 / BHG-24 recharges the battery.

• Input voltage: 93-264 VAC, 50 Hz
• Battery charging voltage: 12Vdc or 24Vdc
• Safety lighting output current: 500mA with short circuit protection
• Maximum operating temperature: 60 ° C
• IP20 protection
• Installation on a DINrail Ω rail
• Dimensions: 112Χ125Χ28 mm

• Chargers for lead batteries (LeadAcidbattery) with nominal voltage 12V or 24V and capacities from 1Ah to 15Ah
• Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
• Auxiliary power supply outputs from the battery
• Free contact to inform the existence of mains voltage (cabin light)
• Free contact to update battery status
• Status indicator with 4 LEDs
• Internal protection
• Defective battery detection
• Overcharged battery protection