CANopen-REV Light

A lift car CPU for CANopen-Lift


The Semitron CANopen range has been developed to offer compatibility with all CANopen devices in an elevator, enabling automatic control from the central unit of the panel.
CANopen REV Light is the economical solution for connectivity with all the basic devices of an elevator car. It is placed in the Car Top BOX to manage the cab door and with the 11 programmable entrances and the 5 exits it offers 100% coverage in simple installations such as Homelifts etc.

The configuration can be done through any compatible CANopen-Lift software.
Quick and easy installation with 100% connectivity to the elevator control unit offers all the necessary information to the maintainer and each user, giving the perfect renovation option to your elevator.

• 20-30 V DC input voltage
• Current consumption 24V
• Normal operation: 36mA
• Input current at each input: 6.28mA
• Relay voltage and current K1-K5: 250VAC / 5A, 30VDC / 2A
• Dimensions 132 x 87 x 28 mm

• 11 programmable inputs
• 5 programmable outputs
• 5 programmable relay outputs
• 2 CANopen CiA 417 sockets for servicing other CANopen devices
• Indicators of activation of the inputs-outputs