CANopen IO TFT 3.5


The Semitron CANopen range has been developed to offer compatibility with all CANopen devices in an elevator, enabling automatic control from the central unit of the panel. The compact design of the CANopen_IO_TFT_3.5 with dimensions 97x63x18mm and screen TFT3.5 ”(inches) is designed to offer easy installation on wall or recessed thin floor buttons (LOPs), as well as to be used as an indicator of floors, arrows and other directions special signs at any point on the lift. With compatible CANopen-Lift software you can configure the device, select the color screen graphics, and define the texts associated with the floor names.

With 8INPUTS / OUTPUTS you can easily make any connection you want such as for example a booth floor button, VIP key, overload indicator while in addition a buzzer is included for an audible signal on arrival on the floor and call confirmation.
Quick and easy installation with 100% connectivity to the elevator control unit offers all the necessary information to the maintainer and each user, giving the perfect renovation option to your elevator.

• 20-30 V DC input voltage
• Current consumption 24V
o Normal operation: 160 mA
o Input current at each input 5 mA
o Output current at each output Max 500 mA
o Maximum output current at all outputs Max700 mA
Dimensions (W x H x D) 96.8 x 63.3x20mm
• 3.5 ”screen
• 320 x 480 screen resolution