CANopen IO


The Semitron CANopen range has been developed to offer compatibility with all CANopen devices in an elevator, enabling automatic control from the central unit of the panel. HCANopen_IO with dimensions 73x58x12mm offers easy installation on wall or recessed thin floor buttons (LOPs). The device can be configured through any compatible CANopen-Lift software.
With 8 INPUTS / OUTPUTS it can be easily used for any connection you want, for example with booth floor button, VIP key and overweight indicator.

Quick and easy installation with 100% connectivity to the elevator control unit offers all the necessary information to the maintainer and each user, giving the perfect renovation option to your elevator.

• 20-30 V DC input voltage
• Current consumption 24V
• Normal operation: 41.5 mA
• Input current at each input 5 mA
• Output current at each output Max 500 mA
• Maximum output current at all outputsMax700mA
• Dimensions 73.1 x 57.7 x 12 mm