Semitron Binary Series has been developed to offer compatibility with all lift control modules using BCD or Graycode Binary Protocol. The compact design of Binary_TFT_3.5 with dimensions 97x63x18mm and a TFT screen of 3.5” secures an easy installation of wall-mounted or recessed cabin buttons (COPs) and metopes (LIPs). Alternatively, it can be used as a display of floors and other special indicators at any point of the elevator installation.

It has 8INPUTS and through its built-in menu you can easily configure the device, select the color screen graphics and adjust the overload, maintenance and directional arrow indicators. It also bears a buzzer for an audible signal upon arrival on the floor.

• Input voltage 20-30 V DC
• 8 inputs:
• 4 for BCD / Gray (fixed)
• 4 for other functions (adjustable)
• Current consumption at 24V
• Normal operation: 160 mA
• Input current at each input 5 mA
• Dimensions (W x H x D) 96.8 x 63 x 18 mm